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Reopening Schools 2020-2021

NHCS is open under Plan C through the first grading period and will transition to Plan B  under the AA/BB model on October 12th.
Beginning on Monday, October 12 students in groups A and B will rotate in-person and remote attendance, with students in Group A attending on Monday and Tuesday and students in Group B attending on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a remote learning day for all students. Group assignments will be communicated at the school level. Families who still want a full remote option will be able to participate in a 100% remote learning option.

Students with an Individualized Education Plan or IEP, and English language learner students, identified by our ESL programs as newcomers with two years or less in the US, will be invited to attend school for face to face instruction on days A and B, attending school, every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesday will be a day of remote learning for all students. 
Under Plan B, AA/BB schedule, there is no change to instruction for students enrolled in Virtual Academy, Families wanting to transition out of the Virtual Academy can do so at the end of the nine-week grading period for elementary and middle school students and at the end of the semester for high school students. 


School Arrival Traffic Patterns
  • All bus riders and walkers will enter through the back bus lot door. All car drop-off students will enter through the main front door. No walk-ups to the front.
  • School begins at 7:50 AM.  We will start screening car riders  and walkers at 7:20 AM.
School Arrival Health Screening Procedures
  • All students and staff will be given temperature checks and health screenings before entering the building. 
    • Bus riders must have an attestation on file and will be screened at a station by the back door after exiting the bus.
    • Car riders must use the front circular lot and remain in their cars. Students will be screened at the 4 designated check points prior to exiting their vehicles. NO parent walk-ups permitted. 
    • Screening Questions to go over with your child and will be asked every morning:  a. Do you have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, headache, nausea,  diarrhea?  b. Within the past 14 days, have you been in contact with  anyone with COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms?  c. Have you had a positive COVID test within the past 10  days?  d. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical  professional told you to quarantine or self-isolate  because of COVID-19 infection? 
    • Walkers must utilize the screening section near the back door off the bus lot and will be asked the same questions above.
    • All students must wear masks.
    • Breakfast will be offered as a grab-n-go as they enter either door in the morning and will be eaten in the classroom.
Student Groupings
  • Students have been placed in either group 1/A or group 2/B.
  • Group A will come into the building for face to face learning Monday and Tuesday, while group B participates in remote learning.
  • Group B will come Thursday and Friday for face to face learning, while group A is in remote learning.
  • All students will participate in virtual learning on Wednesdays.
  • Students with IEP's and in ESL who meet the qualifications, have been given the opportunity to participate in group 4, face to face learning with both groups, and have been notified to accept.
  • All students may still choose to remain remote-all under Plan B, but must notify the school prior to October 12th to participate in this learning.  
Bus Routes posted online at https://www.nhcs.net/divisions/operations/transportation/bus-routes
  • Please verify your students' route and stop time before the start of school on the week of October 12, 2020.  All students should be at the bus stop 10 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time.
  • Each school will have 2 sets of routes:  One for Group A (Monday/Tuesday) and one for Group B (Thursday/Friday).  If your child goes to school all 4 days, you will need to review both routes, as they may not be the same for A and B .
  • All bus riders will be one to a seat, unless siblings of the same household, and must wear a mask at ALL times. No exceptions to this on the bus.
  • All bus riders will be screened upon arrival to school.  In order to be admitted to their classrooms, bus riders will have to pass the screening process.  Bus riders who do not pass the screening will be held in the nurses office until the parent/guardian arrives. 
  • Bus Attestation Form English (required for EACH student prior to riding a bus, please drop to Bellamy or email to Pam.Wright@nhcs.net)
  • Bus Attestation Form Española (requerido para CADA estudiante que viaje en autobús, por favor, diríjase a Bellamy o envíe un correo electrónico a Pam.Wright@nhcs.net)
Building Social Distancing Features/Expectations:
Under Plan B all students must adhere to the 3 W’s.  This includes social distancing of 6 feet, wearing a cloth face covering, and washing their hands regularly. To assist your child in this transition we encourage you to begin familiarizing them with the following expectations:
  • Symptom screenings will take place upon entry every day. 
  • Staff and students shall wear face coverings in the building at all times, excluding scheduled, supervised mask breaks.
  • The Front Entrance door will be utilized for entry by car riders.

  • The Back Entrance door off the bus lot, will be utilized for entry by bus riders and walkers.

  • There are directional arrows throughout the hall floors, showing the flow of movement throughout the building.
  • There are markers reminding students to maintain a 6 foot social distance from their peers and staff.
  • All students will be directed to wash their hands upon entry to the classroom.
  • In the classroom, desks are placed six feet apart to maintain proper social distancing.
  • The water fountains will not be utilized except for the bottle filler feature. Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles with their names on them to refill throughout the day.
  • Music, Art and Library will be conducted in the classrooms.

  • Physical Education classes will take place outdoors.

  • Playground use will be limited to certain classes at a time and divided up into sections with these class pods. No shared equipment will be allowed.

  • Each student will have his or her own instructional materials. 

  • Lunches will be delivered to classrooms and desks will be sanitized before and after lunch.

  • All check-in's and check-outs will be done at the front door, after ringing the doorbell. For check-ins, a staff member will be out to escort the student down to their classroom. For check-outs, please be prepared to hold your photo ID up to the camera for a staff member to retrieve your child from class. They will then be walked out the front door to you. 

  • Bus dismissal and walkers will be staggered by grade level and car riders will be called from the classrooms.

Please visit https://sites.google.com/nhcs.net/nursekim/home for more information, or contact Nurse Kim at extension 70557.
  • Car riders who do not pass screening will not be permitted to get out of their vehicle and must leave with guardian.
  • Bus riders who do not pass the screening will be moved to the nurses office while guardians are contacted to return home. 
  • Students who present with any COVID-like  symptoms throughout the day will be moved to the nurses office until a guardian arrives to check-out.
  • All staff and students are expected to wear masks at all times while in the building.
  • Masks should be school appropriate.
  • Supervised 5 minute mask breaks will be provided throughout the day while maintaining six feet distance from others.
  • While doing rigorous exercise outside, masks may be removed, as long as a six foot distance is maintained.
  • Lanyards will be provided to all students, as well as a 5 pack of masks that should be washed every week. A clean mask should be worn every day.